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GaLaMango SMASH Pale Ale

Funny name, we know - but even ChatGPT couldn't come up with a better name to represent the Galaxy hops, Lamonta grain, and Mangosteeni yeast that go into this great summertime SMASH Pale Ale.  This one is technically a little light in color (4.5 SRM) for the Pale Ale category, but we'll call it a "summer" Pale Ale and just enjoy it.


Brew Day:

  • Standard all grain brewing
  • Mash In @ 149F
  • 60 minute mash / 60 minute boil


  • Yield: 5 gallons
  • Original Gravity: 1.053
  • Final Gravity: 1.010
  • ABV: 5.58%
  • IBU: 39.3
  • SRM: 4.5

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