Getting Started?

New to homebrewing?  It can all be pretty overwhelming between the equipment, the ingredients, and the process.  We don't want to oversimplify things, but you really can make brewing as complex or as easy as you want.  With more complex methods, equipment and ingredients you can have a fine degree of control over your brew and make some amazing beer.  With more simple methods, equipment and ingredients you don't have as much control over the final product, but you can still make some amazing beer!

The equipment and ingredients listed below will get you started making your own beer with the smallest investment of money and time.  As you grow more comfortable brewing with these you can grow incrementally with additional pieces of equipment and new methods to expand on your success.  As always - if you have a question about the process or getting started contact us any time via our Contact Form, email, or call/text.

  • Equipment:  Rather than piece everything together on your own, you can save yourself some headache and usually some $ by picking up a starter kit (with or without a brew kettle) which will include all of the basic gear you'll need.
    • Food-grade sanitizer (we are BIG fans of Star San) and spray bottle
    • Brew kettle (5+ gal) - often a large stock pot will work
    • Dial or floating thermometer
    • Hydrometer
    • Fermenter w/airlock
    • Bottling bucket
    • Bottles, caps, and bottle capper (or skip the caps and capper and use swing-top bottles)
    • Tubing for transfers
    • Bottle filling wand
  • Ingredients:
    • For your first few batches you can save yourself some legwork by using an ingredient kit.  These will typically have grains, extracts, hops and any other ingredients for a specific style that has been composed by an experienced brewer or group pre-selected and measured.  Check out our selection of ready-to-brew ingredient kits.
    • Another fun place to look for inspiration are recipes for clones of your favorite brews.  The American Homebrewers Association has a great section of clone recipes, both for extract and all-grain brewing.  Checkout BYO's Big Book of Clone Recipes to see 300+ clones.  FYI - not all of the recipes in this book have an extract brewing option.

  • Process: 
    • We can't recommend Charlie Papazian's book, The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, enough.  Charlie's book was our inspiration to take the plunge and start brewing and steps you through every aspect of the process for your 1st batch through your 50th. 
    • In addition to Charlie's book, we strongly recommend you become a member of your local homebrewing club.  If you're in Central Oregon checkout Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization (COHO) and Cascade Fermentation Association (CFA).
    • The American Homebrewers Assocation (AHA) has some incredible resources for new and experienced brewers including tutorials (checkout this one for a great overview of Extract Brewing), seminars, recipes, and discounts only available to AHA members.  We are proud to now be offering Digital AHA Memberships for sale.