Yeast Starter Kit - 2000 ml

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Making a yeast starter is a great way to jump start your liquid yeast and set up your next batch for success.

Start with one package of liquid yeast and this starter kit. Comes with a 2000ml Erlenmeyer flask, 1/2 lb DME, a foam stopper & 1oz Fermaid K (Yeast Nutrient).

Directions for use: Mix 1 cup (1/4 pound) of DME and 2 pinches of yeast nutrient mix with 1300ml of water.  Or save yourself a little time and use a can of Propper Starter condensed wort.

Note - These are student grade flasks so do not use directly on an electric stove/element.  If this cannot be avoided, we recommend using a larger pot as a hot water bath on the stove.