The GrainFather G40/G70 Whirlpool Arm

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Plug the Whirlpool Arm into the G40 or the G70 recirculation pipework to easily create a whirlpool with no manual stirring necessary.

Designed to be used with the Grainfather G40 or G70, the Whirlpool Arm is a new accessory that makes the whirlpool stage of your brew day even easier. Simply connect it to your G40 or G70 recirculation pipework and let the Whirlpool Arm do the hard work for you by creating a whirlpool without any manual stirring needed.

How to use the Whirlpool Arm

  1. At the end of the boil ensure that the pump and recirculation valve are both switched off.
  2. Connect the Whirlpool Arm to the recirculation pipework so that the other end sits below the surface of the wort.
  3. Ensure the wort temperature is below 210°F (99°C) or at your proposed whirlpool temperature, then switch on the pump and slowly open the valve to start recirculating the wort.
  4. Add your whirlpool hops and recirculate as per your recipe.
  5. When complete, switch the pump off and carefully remove the whirlpool arm using the black silicone handle (caution: the handle may be hot) and then connect your counterflow wort chiller to complete the chilling process according to your G40 or G70 instructions.