Stainless Flexi Arm | Flexible Recirculation Arm for BrewZilla | 31.5" Long | 1/2" Hex Nut

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This simple upgrade for the BrewZilla is perfect for positioning your recirculating wort or sparge water over the grain bed and makes it even easier to use the unit's built-in pump for transferring wort to your fermenter or for CIP at the end of the brew day.

Pairs perfectly with the Sergeant Sparge Head for mashing and sparging, as well as the BrewZilla Spinning Spray Rotor to clean your kettle.


Please note: Camlocks sold separately. You will need a Male Camlock x 1/2" Male Thread adapter in order to attach the Flexi Arm to your BrewZilla recirculation piping or your Grainfather G30 after upgrading it with our Camlock Conversion Kit.