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INCOGNITO® is a 100% all-natural, full-spectrum hop product crafted to deliver highly concentrated flavor while maximizing brewing efficiency and reducing process loss.

It is easier than ever to brew hop-forward beers. The love of hop-forward beers is driving brewers to use more hops than ever before. The more pellets you use, the more beer you lose in the process. Now there’s INCOGNITO®, an all-natural hop flavor product specifically designed to be used in the whirlpool. It delivers the impactful, variety-specific flavor outcomes brewers want—without the process loss.

  • No vegetative material
  • Flowable at ambient temperature

INCOGNITO® Brewing Tips:

  • Generally a 1:6 replacement ratio.
  • 1g of weight is roughly equivalent of 1ml of volume
  • Each 15g pouch is roughly the equivalent of 3oz of T90 pellet hops in the whirlpool
  • Each 20g jar is roughly the equivalent of 4oz of T90 pellet hops in the whirlpool
  • INCOGNITO® is flowable at room temp, but you can wrap it in a warm towel or place the jug in warm water to lower the viscosity and improve portability.
  • Citra® - Citra® is currently one of the most sought after hops among craft and home brewers for their intense citrus aroma and flavor. Grapefruit and lime aromas along with gooseberry, passion fruit, and lychee notes. Currently one of the top choices for late hop additions or dry hopping when you want to make that ultimate hop bomb IPA or Pale Ale. Citra® also has a fairly high alpha acid content making it a good choice for bittering IPAs, Pales, and American Ales. 18%AA
  • Mosaic® - A product of Nugget and Simcoe® hops, American bred Mosaic® hops are one of the most in-demand aroma hops on the market. Released in 2012 by the Hop Breeding Company, Mosiac® presents a complex bouquet of earthy, pine, and fruit aromas from berry to mango. Though Mosiac® does contain an alpha acid range between 11.5% and 13.5%, it is generally not used for bittering. The overall characteristics of Mosiac® hops make for a lovely addition in just about any beer style, though most commonly used in pale ales, IPAs, and stouts.