Grainfather G30³ Grain Basket Assembly

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Update - 5/7/24 - We are out of stock of these grainbaskets.  Our next shipment won't arrive until the end of June.  If you would like to pre-purchase one of those baskets arriving in June we will ship your order as soon as our inventory arrives.

Upgrade your existing Grainfather G30 (v2) with the best feature found in the new Grainfather G303. The new grain basket assembly has side wall perforations to improve wort flow and to prevent a stuck mash.

The new grain basket design means that there is no need for overflow pipework or a top plate, allowing for a hassle-free brew day.  The grain basket assembly includes the basket and the bottom plate with rolled edges (no more silicone rings), and a new silicone recirculation hose (~48").

A note on shipping - there is quite a bit of open space in the basket.  Plenty of room to toss in a GCAST, Wortometer, a Camlock Conversion kit, or even some hops.