Grainfather G30³ Grain Basket Assembly

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We are expecting to have more of these new grain basket assemblies in stock in mid-August 2023.  There has been so much demand that we are offering pre-orders if you want to reserve one.  If you purchase one we will ship it out ASAP when we have them in stock again.

Upgrade your existing Grainfather G30 (v2) with the best feature found in the new Grainfather G303. The new grain basket assembly has side wall perforations to improve wort flow and to prevent a stuck mash.

The new grain basket design means that there is no need for overflow pipework or a top plate, allowing for a hassle-free brew day.  The grain basket assembly includes the basket and the bottom plate with rolled edges (no more silicone rings), and a new silicone recirculation hose (~48").