Fruited Sour Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit

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About the Kit

*Oregon Fruit Puree not included. Use 1 to 3 liters of the Oregon Fruit Puree of your choice depending on your preference of mild to strong fruit presence. Each liter will add ~0.5% ABV. This recipe will also produce a superb standalone sour ale without the addition of a fruit puree. This kit includes a unique yeast that produces lactic acid during fermentation.

Kit Contents

Malt Extract

  • 6.6 lb Briess Pilsen Light Liquid Malt Extract (LME)
  • 3.3 lb Briess Wheat Liquid Malt Extract (LME)

Specialty Grains

  • 8 oz Weyermann® Carahell®
  • 4 oz Weyermann® Carafoam®


  • 1 oz German Mittelfrüh hop pellets


  • Lallemand Wildbrew™ Philly Sour Yeast (11g)


  • Muslin Hop Bag 5" x 15"
  • 150 g Priming Sugar