Flare Fitting | Stainless 1/4" FFL x 1/2" OD Hose Barb

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While not a typical homebrew draft tubing size, there are some applications where 1/2" tubing comes in useful and you would want a direct connection without a series of adapters to your keg disconnect. 

One application is filling your kegs via the diptube (liquid out) connection.  This allows for a fast, splashless transfer with minimal oxygen exposure.

Another application is rigging a keg directly to a beer engine for English-style cask ales.  The liquid-in port on many beer engines is 1/2".

Includes a 1/4 in. swivel nut, but if you're connecting to stainless steel or brass, you will also need a nylon flare washer to form a seal. Plastic quick disconnects (QDs) on the other hand, have a built-in washer so the additional nylon flare washer is not needed.