Briess Malting - Brewers 2-Row Malt

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Briess Brewers 2-Row is a fantastic base malt that can be used for all beer styles. Briess 2-row contributes a clean, sweet, and slightly malty character along with a light straw color. Briess Brewers Malt is malted in Wisconsin in small batches and is an excellent fit for all ales. Use this the same as you would any 2 row base malt and expect amazing results in your glass.

Briess is an American malting company that is vertically integrated with seed facilities, barley collection facilities, and direct relationships with farmers in the state of Wyoming. In this region malt is flood irrigated so that it does not have to rely on rainfall. This has the benefits of quality and consistency for you the brewer. Malt that is flood irrigated is lighter in color since the barley heads see very little rain. The flood irrigation is also consistent and reliable so Briess sees less variability in their malt from year to year. 

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