Fermentis SafBrew™ BR-8 Dry Brett Yeast

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SafBrew BR-8 is the first Brettanomyces bruxellensis yeast available to brewers in a dry micro granular format.
It offers all the flavor benefits of ‘wild’ Brett yeast, but with more control and reliability, eliminating the risk of over-carbonation and gushing after bottling.
Selected specifically for secondary fermentation in bottles or casks, SafBrew™ BR-8 produces phenolic compounds that create a distinctive finishing touch which evolves over time as the beer is aged, with funkier notes (barnyard, horse, leather…) nicely balanced by refreshing, fruity notes.

Optimal fermentation temperature 15°C – 25°C (59°F – 77°F). 



Rehydratation:  SafBrew™ BR-8 should not be rehydrated directly in the beer.
Sprinkle the yeast in minimum 10 times its weight of sterile water at a temperature of 25°C to 29°C (77°F to 84.2°F). Leave to rest 15 to 30 minutes. Gently stir until obtaining a yeast cream.

Add 5 to 10 grams of sugar per liter of beer (0.67 to 1.34 oz of sugar per gal of beer) to obtain an additional saturation of 2.5 to 5.0 g/L of CO (0.33 to 0.67 oz/gal of CO2). Pitch the sweetened beer at fermentation temperature with the rehydrated yeast.
Carbonation will be achieved in 1 to 3 months of maturation.

*At the end of refermentation, the beer can be cooled down and will gain in roundness after 2 to 3 weeks.
*Carbonation at lower end temperatures (e.g. 15°C / 59°F) can take over 3 months.