Some new Grains & Strains

Some new Grains & Strains

We are always working on expanding our inventory to include more types and styles of grains and strains of yeast so we have what you're looking for in your next batch.

Here are a few of our latest additions:


  • Briess Roasted Barley - Contributes color and rich, sharp flavor characteristic of stouts and some porters AND it impacts foam color.
  • Weyermann Acidulated Malt - Used to lower mash pH, resulting in better mash efficiency, intensified fermentation, lighter color, improved flavor stability and enhanced flavor.
  • Weyermann Rauch (Smoked) Malt - More mild than most smoked malts, this beech wood offers a strong smokey flavor as well as hints of vanilla and honey.

Strains (yeast):

Looking for a specific grain or strain that we don't carry?  Call, text, or email us and we'll add it to our next order of supplies.  Happy Brewing!