Wyeast Private Collection - PC3191 Berliner Weisse Blend

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For the summer of 2022, Wyeast has released its Longer Days private collection.

The Berliner Weisse Blend includes a German ale strain with low ester formation and a dry, crisp finish. The Lactobacillus included produces moderate levels of acidity, and the unique Brettanomyces strain imparts a critical earthy characteristic that is indicative of a true Berliner Weisse. When this blend is used, expect a slow start to fermentation as the yeast and bacteria in the blend is balanced to allow proper acid production. It generally requires 3-6 months of aging to fully develop flavor characteristics. Use this blend with worts containing extremely low hopping rates.

  • Flocculation: Low
  • Apparent Attenuation: 73 - 77%
  • Apparent ABV Tolerance: 6%
  • Temperature Range: 68-72°F (20-22°C)

All liquid yeast purchased from Oregonized Brewing will ship with an ice pack.  Additionally, we ship all of our liquid yeast USPS Priority as slow shipping won't be doing your yeast any favors, just off-flavors.