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It's hard to beat a hot summer day with some hard seltzer.  Refreshing, low in calories but not low in flavor, our hard seltzer kits are a fun and easy batch for brewers of any level to add to their list.   We have flavoring options or you can select unflavored and add your own non-fermentable flavoring. 

Our kits use Dry Lutra yeast which is a Kveik yeast strain.  This yeast loves heat, so plan on fermenting at 70+ degrees - this is a perfect batch for a hot shed/garage/greenhouse (up to 95).

All seltzer kits include:

  • 4.75lbs Dextrose
  • 1 pack Dry Lutra yeast
  • 1 pack Propper Seltzer yeast nutrient for seltzer
  • 1 pack brewing/buffer salts
  • Brewing instructions

Options can include:

  • 4oz Dextrose for priming (if bottling your seltzer)
  • 1 package of non-fermentable flavoring