Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Strawberry and Pear Cider Kit

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Join in on the Cider making craze with a super easy to make Cider Kit.  Fresh strawberries coupled with juicy pear. This cider is sweet and fruity, especially good when served chilled on a hot summer's eve. These kits are tasty uncarbonated, but add some bubbles and things get even better!  We recommend a pack of Carbonation Drops to help give this cider a carbonic kick.

Mangrove Jack's cider varieties are formulated with only the freshest and best quality fruit which is then pressed and concentrated using state of the art evaporators, and then cold filled into a pouch. This ensures we preserve the natural flavor of the fruit, giving you cider which is fresh, crisp and especially good on a hot summer's day.

Please Note: This ingredient kit requires Dextrose.  We recommend 2.3 lbs.  Please choose your preferred option - with or without Dextrose included.  If you want your cider to be carbonated add some Carbonation drops to your order.

ABV Approximately: 4.7%
Style: Sweet
Color: Pink
Makes 6 gallons

Kit Includes:

  • Cider Extract
  • Yeast
  • Preservative
  • Sweetener
  • Plus 2.3 lbs of Dextrose (if option selected)

Pro Tip: Don't attempt to open the pouch until you are ready to brew.  We found it impossible to open the outer pouch without also cutting into the inner pouch with the cider extract.  We took a picture of the contents next to an unopened pouch to satisfy your curiosity.